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Custom Wordle

The Custom Wordle is what? It won't take you more than two minutes, if you're already addicted to wordle, to want to play this brand-new, personalized wordle game. We will describe the English custom wordle game's features, download instructions, and justifications for using them. If you want to test it, you can play this free online game; we think you'll enjoy it!

The goal of Wordle Custom is the same as Wordle, but it offers more customization choices so you can play the games you want every day and design the Wordle word you want to give to your friends for them to try to guess. We tried it and can attest that it is a highly addicting game. The ability to personalize it with your words makes us want to solve the wordle with our friends in order to compete with them. Continue reading as we go through all the things you may do with a customized wordle online.

How to make a word in Wordle:

Select a language to play in.

Enter the word you wish to communicate or select the random mode to guess a word at random. You may play as many times as you like.

Click the generate option if you've decided to create your own term. 

To invite your friends to play the game of guessing the word YOU CREATED, copy the link that is produced in the address and send it to them via email or social media platforms like Facebook or WhatsApp.

In six trials, uncover the secret word.

Every attempt must contain a real 5-letter word.

The color of the letters changes after each attempt to indicate how close you were to spell the word.

In order to boost the interest and curiosity to try to uncover the word to which you have been challenged by each other, the game allows you to post the results on social networks while illuminating the sequence of tries with colors but hiding the letters. Identify the previous word: There could be letter repetitions. Each letter doesn't affect the clues in any way. Every time you create a link, a new word appears!