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Duotrigordle Wordle is a daily game that can be played in practice mode multiple times per day or once per day in challenging daily mode. When compared to the original wordle and other modifications such as sedecordle, duotrigordle words is a game of guessing 32 words at the same time with 32 boards.

When you play duotrigordle words, your goal is to try to guess as many words as possible. The game is played by sliding a piece horizontally across the board in order to create words.

The game has been created with two sets of 32 double-sided wooden tiles that each have two different images on them. Half of the tiles have images with blue backgrounds and half of the tiles have images with orange backgrounds.

To begin playing, first randomly select eight pieces from your set of 32 tiles and place them face down in front of you. Once all eight pieces are placed, turn over the top tile, revealing another tile underneath it. If you guessed right, then slide that tile across the board towards yourself. If you got it wrong, then draw another tile from your settings and try again until you get eight correct answers. You can only choose one word at a time so choose wisely!

Whenever you guess correctly (either by drawing a tile or just knowing the word), slide one word closer to yourself and try again until you fail to get eight correct answers in a row. Once you reach that point, shuffle all of your previously played tiles back into their respective stacks and draw a new set of eight for your next game!